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We make downloadable pizza illustrations in a geometric mandala pattern for you to colour in at home. Right now our website is under construction, meanwhile you can visit our Facebook page: Or Instagram: Our story: The founder of Mandalizza is an experienced art teacher that previously held workshops to guide different ages how to make their own mandala illustrations from scratch. When COVID-19 hit the world we wanted to create something fun and relaxing to do for those who were set in quarantine at home. Colouring has the ability to calm a restless mind, similar to the state of meditation. AND who doesn’t like pizza? So we decided to combine the two into a fun activity to keep you occupied. We believe that our Mandalizzas not only has the power to brighten up your day and calm a restless mind, but also to improve your memory and even heal a broken soul. We see no limit with this project. Wether you are a beginner, a talented artist, a kid, teenager, adult or retiree there will be a suitable Mandalizza for you up on our webshop. We also have a “DIY guideline” so you can make your own Mandalizza from scratch - a perfect option for those who doesn’t have a printer at home. “A Mandalizza slice a day keep sadness away”. Get your colouring pages and start today!

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